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Happy Birthday 2022 Jade!

When I realized the size of the task, I decided to publish, as there is still a lot of work to do, and I need to go to the tip tomorrow and cut wood for the house. This is a sketch. The Libretto is for Franco only. Cut and paste copied it to Violette.

Luigi has no Libretto and faithfully sings a sixth below Franco. When he does get a Libretto there will be some changes, as he is unlikely to sing the same as Franco. Also, I will study Donizetti's score and most likely Luigi won't follow Franco so exactly.

In Donizetti's score, Violette's melody follows Franco fairly closely, starting just before Franco finishes. As this score is about 2/3 of Donizetti's score and both Franco and Violette sing the same melody, this is a fair sketch of the completed work, with some excitement later to finish off.

I altered the names and of course wrote my own melodies and harmonies and Libretto.

At this juncture, as I need to write 5 more Libretti with melodies, I decided to present what I have, as I would struggle to meet an early deadline.

I started immediately when the car was ready. I was quite weak and exhausted then, so I haven't done too badly. The speedo is not working, but no doubt I will address that issue some time.

Ti aspetto il mio fiore.
Per il tuo amore mi struggo
So che mi ami così tanto
Non potrai mai dimenticarmi
Ma tu mantieni le distanze
Guardandomi da lontano
Mi sciogli il cuore tesoro
Posso vivere senza di te?

I'll wait for my flower.
I am pining for your love
I know you love me so much
You can never forget me
But you keep your distance
Looking at me from afar
Melt my heart, honey
Can I live without you?

I don't have easy access to Pianoteq today. I would have to boot the Windows 10 hard drive and find the passwords, or in email on the other disk here.

Strings, as usual sound fairly convincing. To my ear, everything else, including harp, sounds like garbage.

Can you hear how the trill slows down in the middle? I tried to fix it by writing the notes explicitly, but now it still slows down. I am quite exasperated at the junk you get nowadays. It's actually changing my composition.

Church organ console, fast, noise removed.

Church organ console, slow, noise removed.

Harp, slow.