Home Sextet Clutch

Franz Schubert

What we see in the picture is the engine on the left, and transaxle to the right, separated by removing bolts at the flywheel and a whole lot more clutter.

The flywheel is in the middle of the photo, with many teeth for the starter motor, which is dangling loose behind the engine.

Screwed to the flywheel, on it's right is the pressure plate, shaped like a round cake. It holds the clutch plate inside. The clutch plate has a hole with teeth, to accommodate the spline (the brown shaft). In the middle of the pressure plate are many radial levers. All this is included in the kit, plus a bearing which slides on the spline inside the transaxle. A lever passes through into that hollow cavity, from the front. That must be it, near the chain and you can see the bearing next to it on the left. It pushes the bearing against the levers in the middle of the pressure plate to operate the clutch, freeing and pushing it against the flywheel. The lever is operated by a hydraulic slave cylinder connected by a hydraulic line to the master cylinder behind the clutch pedal.

I didn't work for a long time today after establishing that removal of all the convoluted engine mount parts fixing the transaxle furthest from the engine frees it completely, apart from my 3 chains and a jack.

Now that I know, I may be able to get to this stage in 1, 2 or 3 days in the future.There is certainly a lot to do in very tight, greasy, dirty, currently cold and awkward places.

It will be tempting to buy an old engine and recondition it, as it is not much more work to remove that too.

I checked the clutch kit and it is just the usual type, thank Christ.

I will turn my 2kg beef mince into a curry. Evidently I am still the curry king. Thank you Hare Krishna.

I went shopping. I got Global Foods turmeric and cummin and 2kg mince. I would like to make a curry. I put 40psi in my tyres. I will do washing and cook. It is cold out there, but I am dressed well.

I think that while the garage is dirty, I will bring in the frame and top of the old table that I was arrested at. It is larger, and it has a solid steel base, which is rusty at the bottom of the legs. Also I suspect that there are ants' nests in the hollow legs.

When I have treated that with rust remover and sand paper, I can use a rust proofing undercoat and black paint. Also the damaged top can be tidied up a bit and flipped over, with the 4 holes filled.

I may also wish to have a look at how I can screed the ceiling with base filler. Now is my chance.

Please don't wind up Maria Zakarhova, sir. Don't get her started. She has a much higher IQ than you. Did you expect her to cave? The world is watching.

I will wash clothes, withdraw cash, buy food and cook.

Well, once again, it seems that I am the big winner. I fixed the car, saving more than I would have earned busking on rainy days. I know my car quite well now.

I am all warm and ugged. I am in no hurry to do anything. I should clean out the garage again over the next few days, so that I can work on my music stand which needs work. I think that I will weld a bracket with screw holes onto 2 G clamps, so that in the future, the stand clamps onto the beam that it currently rests on.

I was able to drive my car, and it seems ok. The clutch only disengages near the extreme foot down. It feels weird. It's definitely a different clutch. That job usually only needs to be done once to a car. I will look after it.

The brakes have been pumped and stabilized.

I removed the brake caliper again and the pads. I found the amazing heavy G clamp called whale, from China. I compressed the piston and eventually replaced the brakes. Things were going well until I tightened the two bolts securing the caliper. I solved the problem by making sure that the washer was replaced under the top bolt. The bolt was digging into the brake disk and bolting it in place. I think that I will buy a Clutch Slave Cylinder and I will check out a Master Cylinder too.

I haven't done this much work on cars for ages. Now you know how I turn an old car into a new one. I just replace everything.