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Officier L Gagnon, gag ou non? Et vous officier Devaler?


She could make a fine team with Kamala Harris.

The German defense minister Christine Lambrecht details out the features of the obsolete German Gepard anti-aircraft tank.

I was puzzled why she would insist the Gepard could not be firing continuously, but the reason is simply the fact that Germany has very few rounds for it:

"According to sources, there are about fifty such ZSU in storage in Germany. However, they have only 30,000 pieces of ammunition, which is enough for a very short time. This, according to the German side, significantly complicates the export and use of such equipment."

So at the rate of fire at 550 r/min, the entire German stock would be burned through in 54 minutes, if there was only one unit delivered. 5 minutes worth of fire for each if say 10 were delivered.
Ave Maria by Schubert. This work was after Sir Walter Scott, "The Lady of the Lake", changed to crappy Latin later. Lucia de Lammamor was also by Scott. Geez, the pianist is slack, just poking at a few notes. I printed out the entire score including the voice, and it would have taken nerves of steel.
The work of the 3rd Guards Brigade of the People's Militia of the DPR #special operation #Donbass #armyarussia

Well I finally got xp set up with solfire.

From Lisbon to Vladivostok. NATO, we don't want you.

I love you Jade.

See the childish games which US and Russia play on each other. The Russian Embassy in Washington will probably end up on Gay Rights Boulevarde.

Area outside US Embassy in Moscow renamed to "Donetsk People's Republic Square"

“The US Embassy in Russia has received a new official address. Now the diplomatic mission is located at the following address: Russian Federation, city of Moscow, intracity territory of the Presnensky municipal district, square of the Donetsk People's Republic, building 1, buildings 1–9.”

Another supermarket in Kaliningrad. I thought that Brussels has decided against blocking Russian transit in Lithuania? If you keep going, Russia will have a land bridge to Kaliningrad through Lithuania. Can't anyone see what is happening right now? Russia is annulling Lithuania's independence, and of course carving up Ukraine.

Arabic music is better than Caucasian (Chechen) music.

I love doing pirouettes. They bring out the Albert Einstein in me.


If the Sun is shThe work of the 3rd Guards Brigade of the People's Militia of the DPR #speпопаданияcial operation #Donbass #armyarussiaining, then Russians are having a Barbie (or shashlik as they say). Just like Ozzies, Yankees and Pommies and many other cultures and peoples around the globe.

There is more that binds us than divides us. Stop listening to corrupt politicians and their bought and paid for media. Don't buy into the hate, division and separation. We're all humans, end of discussion.

To your health! Prost! Cheers!

I am so tired. It must be after working on servers, the clutch and writing opera.

I may check out woolies and/or head north again.

Why hide your head in shame Vlad? Yes I know. Your colleague wanted to sell pork to Indonesia.


I have had an ear for classical music since childhood. No doubt that was because my parents listened to it, although my sister has never been all that keen. It also appears that I come from an artistic family, as everyone can paint or has musical ability. This has carried though to everyone in three generations. There was no musical training however in my parental home.

I can only think of four stories my mother tells about my very young years. One which she still repeats often is the fact that when the Trout Quintet by Franz Schubert was played, my parents would ask me in German; "What is that music?"

"Those are the fishes by Schubert", I replied.

Later at age twelve I would sit with my father in the evenings and listen to classical music. My favourite was dances by Franz Schubert, which would always stir deep emotions.

Later, I really wanted a piano, which I finally got before age sixteen. Although it was too late to become a virtuoso, I learned quickly and could play grade five pieces within 6 months. I also started writing music.

I never had any theory training but taught myself to write music. When I read that Franz Schubert could write without a piano, that is what I trained myself to do. To hear the notes and write them on a staff.

During early adulthood I wrote a few waltzes in the style of Franz Schubert. I wrote a song making fun of an aquaintance and seriously applied myself to learning sonata form. I got back into writing music in my early forties. There was composing software on a computer which I bought. I emailed two of my compositions to a friend and she was impressed. Later she told me that she thought that in a previous lifetime I was one or several of the great composers. She said "but I won't tell you who."

"Oh you mean Franz Schubert?" I asked.

"How did you know?" she asked in amazement.

That is much of the explanation of what this site is about. I could add a lot more in terms of personality traits, but currently this site consists of a series of comparisons of portraits of people who lived one, two or three hundred years apart. Each page also features one of my short compositions, and where possible a photo of the beautiful lady who inspired me to write it.